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November 2016: Music completed for the short horror/mystery film Clutch
Recently premiered at the 'Fear in the Fens' film festival

A teaser clip of the film can be found here: Clutch Teaser on Vimeo

 Strippers vs Werewolves soundtrack
Grammy nominated Swedish soundtrack label MovieScore Media have released the soundtrack for the cult British horror comedy Strippers vs Werewolves featuring the instrumental score by Neil Chaney and songs by Sodajerker. Available now from Amazon, eMUSIC and  iTunes, catalogue no. SWD0003.

Completed Projects-
'Clutch' (Short) 2016
'Clutch' Film website
Clutch Teaser on Vimeo

'Sweet 6teen' (Short) 2013
Directed by Matthew McGuchan.
Made for the '666 Shortcuts to Hell' competition.
'Sweet 6teen' on Youtube

'Strippers vs Werewolves'  2012
Horror/comedy directed by Jonathan Glendening, starring Robert Englund.

'Stalker' (previously titled 'Expose') 2010 from Black a Blue Films
Directed by Martin Kemp, starring  Jane March, Anna Brecon, Jennifer Matter, Colin Salmon, Linda Hayden, Billy Murray. 'Eye For Film'  review

'Tracker'(Short) 2009

'Jerome's Weakness' (Short) 2009
Jerome’s   Weakness is the story of a scientist who has managed to detect the   ghostly traces of his dead son, and plans to transplant this ‘ideoplasm’   into a new body, bringing his son back to life.

'Trigger Point' TV Series 2012–2013 (Trailer music by Neil Chaney)  (Pure Grass Films)


My info:



Neil Chaney is a film music composer.

He has recorded and performed in several experimental bands: his own industrial project Pessary was a mix of industrial noise and horror film-score inspired sound-scapes. Recording two albums, 'Inward collapse' and 'Laid to Rest', both released by the Dirter Promotions label.

As a member of the industrial / dark ambient  band SATORI, he toured Japan in 2007, with the live debut performance in Tokyo.
The band also performed throughout Europe and the UK, along with a tour of the UK in 2008.
SATORI's music (described as 'Fortean electronics') explores paranormal and 'Fortean' themes: The Album 'Kanashibari' (Cold Spring Records) centered on the theme of sleep paralysis, was well received with excellent reviews in the music press.

Neil has been composing for film since 2009, scoring several Short films; the sci-fi film 'Jerome's Weakness' (2009) and 'Tracker' (Winner of the Sci-Fi London '48 hour challenge' 2009), as well as composing the trailer music for the spy / action TV Series 'Trigger Point' (2012–2013).

His first feature length score was for the horror/ thriller film 'Stalker' (2010) directed by Martin Kemp, (a loose remake of the notorious 1976 'video nasty': 'Exposé' / 'House on Straw Hill').
In 2012 Neil composed the score for the horror comedy film 'Strippers vs Werewolves'. The score for this film was released by the Swedish soundtrack label Screamworks / MovieScore Media in September 2012.

A CD release of the 'STALKER' soundtrack is also planned for later in 2014. 


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